Solomon The Rusty Nail

Solomon The Rusty Nail
Solomon The Rusty Nail
Steig, William

Here, in the great tradition of Sylvester and the Magic Pebble and Caleb and Kate, is another
tale of magical transformation from William Steig, the creator of Shrek.

Its hero, young Solomon, is an ordinary rabbit--well, ordinary in every respect but one. Whenever he scratches his nose and wiggles his toes at exactly the same time, he turns into a rusty nail. To turn back into a rabbit, all he has to do is think: "I'm no nail, I'm a rabbit!"

This unusual talent enables Solomon to play some gratifying practical jokes, but it also leads to serious trouble when he's waylaid by a one-eyed cat who plans to turn him into Hasenpfeffer. Solomon promptly becomes a rusty nail and steadfastly refuses to change back, even after Ambrose, the cat, and his wife, Clorinda, lock him up in a cage in their guest room. Sooner or later, they figure, they'll be dining no bunny stew. How can Solomon possibly find a way out of this dilemma?

Praise for Solomon the Rusty Nail

"Steig combines a tale of uncanny transformation with his distinctively animated illustrations...Children will love this bizarre tale with its humorous drawings and lively sense of fun." --Pointer, Kirkus Reviews

"Beautifully written and illustrated by paintings reflecting the sunny colors of spring...A classic by a peerless artist." --Publishers Weekly