Whale's Way

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Whale's Way
Johnston, Johanna
With a new children s book imprint, the Bodleian Library brings beloved classics back into print, beginning with a beautiful storybook about the life of a fascinating species. Originally published in 1962, "Whale s Way" by Johanna Johnston tells the surprising story of these creatures, complete with colorful artwork by award-winning illustrator Leonard Weisgard.
"Whale s Way" introduces young readers to the humpback whale, one of the world s largest creatures. With winter almost here, the gentle giants must swim, spouting and leaping, to the warmer waters near the equator. But, during the dangerous journey, the whales meet a band of hunters who wish them harm, and they must escape and guide the baby whales to safety.
Few things pique children s curiosity about the world around them better than a good book. Brought back for a new generation of young readers, "Whale s Way" offers a fun and creative introduction to these fascinating animals."